Bill Berkowitz Columns

Columns By Bill Berkowitz,
September-November 2001
In The Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks
On Working for Change

Selected Columns

"When opportunity knocks:
September 11 and 'wonderful opportunities' "
September 27, 2001

"Collateral damage:
Bush's war on international terrorism will be coming home"
September 25, 2001

"Pep rally for the Pentagon:
The selling and buying of 'Operation Infinite Justice'"
September 21, 2001

"Fundamentalist fanaticism:
Rev. Falwell's threat to democracy mirrors that of the Taliban itself"
September 19, 2001

"Keep God out of this:
War rhetoric invokes the name of Godâ ¦again"
September 18, 2001

"Rev. Falwell's hate and cowardice:
The stalwart Christian conservative is spinning tragedy into propaganda"
September 14, 2001

"What comes after we 'move on?:'
Terrorism plays into apocalyptic propaganda and political agendas of the
Christian Right"
September 13, 2001

"Playing into right-wing hate:
As the dust settles, radical conservatives have found their enemies"
September 12, 2001

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