Antisemitic Conspiracist Views

Several rumors have circulated on left, antiglobalist, and ecology lists. All of us need to object to this type of bigoted conspiracism wherever it appears and no matter the targeted scapegoat.

See also: Further discussion of post-911 conspiracism.

Copies of pages with antisemitic conspiracism relating to 911

Have the Jews Started WWIII? by Pastor V.S. Herrell

Society of St. Pius X - Bishop Williamson Letter

"Stern_Intel" Memo (Originally posted on right-wing American Patriots Friends Network, spread by left-wing Eco News Service, ended up on antisemitic David Icke's page)

Jews Warned in Advance on Holocaust denier David Irving's page

Many of the pages that carried antisemitic conspiracism concerning 9/11 have now vanished.  Here are some of the pages that examined the antisemitic rumors.

Net rumor sparked by reports from Pakistan, Hezbollah

4,000 Israelis Working at the WTC Failed to Turn Up at  Work on That Day - From Pravda's Website

Southern Poverty Law Center overview of Right-Wing responses

Saudi Columnists Condemn Conspiracy Theories and Anti-U.S. Sentiment in the Arab World

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