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Have the Jews Started WWIII?

by Pastor V.S. Herrell

"The terrorist acts committed in New York and Washington were plotted and organized in the USA, and other nations have no relation to them ... The terrorist acts in the USA were staged by international financial elites seeking to put the West and the Moslem world in conflict" (Vladimir Zhirinovsky, taken from

What does Mr. Zhirinovsky know that most Americans are unwilling to know? There is probably no American who is unaware of the recent suicide plane attack on the World Trade Center in New York City that resulted in the collapse of the two financial Jewish icons, symbols of Jewish financial power and Jewish dominance of Jew York, as well as a virtual standstill of the stock market and public transportation. Thousands of Americans died, including firemen, rescue workers, and policemen who were nearby when the second tower collapsed. Nearby buildings have also been destroyed. The effects of the attacks are far reaching, as hundreds of important American financial offices were housed in the two buildings, as well as internationalist, one-world, elitist interests. However, there appears at this time to be a curious number of absentee personnel. The Jordanian al-Watan newspaper was told by diplomatic sources that 4,000 Israelis who work at the towers remained home that day after warnings they received from the Israeli Shabak. Sounds a little too much like the Oklahoma Federal Building. The Israeli Yadiot Ahranot newspaper also reported that the Shabak prevented Ariel Sharon from traveling to New York to participate in a Zionist organized festival honoring Israel. American news sources have said little or nothing about the 4,000 Israelis who were absent that day.

Most Americans immediately blamed the attack on Arabs, specifically one known Arab militant, Osama bin Laden. Yet, few Americans asked why any Arab would desire to attack American interests. The answer is simple. If the attack were indeed perpetrated by Arabs, it is because the Arabs, rightfully so, associate America with Israel, and in fact view the two nations as one and the same entity. Of course, faithful readers should be aware of the Jewish Israeli control over America. However, Osama bin Laden has categorically denied any direct responsibility. Moreover, the sovereign nation of Afghanistan and other Arab countries have asked for legal proof to be presented. This is by no means an unreasonable demand before turning an honored guest over to a kangaroo court. It reminds my Biblical mind a little bit of Sodom and Gomorrha and the bloodthirsty crowd standing outside Lot's door.

It is well-known that the Jewish control over the American government and finances have coerced American politicians into supporting the illegally existing state of Israel. No doubt, the World Trade Center Towers represent Jewish financial control of America to Arab Muslims - the same Arabs whose houses have been bull-dozed by the Jews.

At almost the same instant as the World Trade Towers were being attacked, the Pentagon was the recipient of a similar attack. The two targets were easy to pick, no doubt. Washington D.C. represents the Jewish control over the American government, while New York City represents the Jewish financial control over the country which has unjustifiably supported the bandit state of Israel despite its gross so-called human rights violations, illegal occupation of Arab land, and murder of Palestinians. American money has financed Israel since its existence, and thus Americans who support Israel are just as guilty of the criminal acts of terrorism against the Palestinian and Arab people by Israel as the Jews themselves.

Many Americans may be unaware that the attacks came on the heels of the American-Israeli boycott of the UN talks on racism. The World Conference Against Racism was held in Durban, South Africa. The goal of the UN was to establish a declaration to fight "racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia," etc. While not legally binding, the UN desired to establish guidelines by which it could monitor nations. Part of the resolution, which referred to the "racist practices" of Israel, resulted in both Israel and America leaving the conference early in protest. The two countries were also upset that, while the reference to Israel's "racist practices" was deleted, the resolution continued to condemn "the plight of the Palestinians." America had threatened to boycott the conference even prior to its beginning because the Israeli Jews' obvious racist mistreatment of the Palestinians was to be addressed.

While America did send some delegates, they were withdrawn because of the above statements. Kofi Annan later called the statements "hurtful." No doubt, the Israelis were offended and hurt that they could be called racist. Perhaps the "hurtful" treatment of Palestinians by Israeli Jews should also be addressed more strongly.

Thus, while in America the racial so-called diversity is being promoted with Jews at the forefront, the Jews are proven to be hypocrites by their racial discrimination against Palestinians which continues in the Middle East. Of course, the US goes along with anything Israel says, even to the point of boycotting a conference dedicated to eliminating racism just because Israel comes under fire for its own activities. Should we be surprised that Palestinians who suffer under Israeli mistreatment view America with the same distrust and enmity?

Recently, Middle East violence has escalated as Israeli troops use missiles and other military apparatus against Palestinian women and children, who are usually armed with rocks or nothing at all. While the Israeli's only fear is suicide bombers, Vice President Dick Cheney virtually endorsed assassination of those who may be about to commit a suicide bombing with the statement: "If you've got an organization that has plotted or is plotting some kind of suicide bomber attack, for example, and the Israelis have heard evidence of who it is and where they're located, I think there's some justification in their trying to protect themselves by preempting." This statement was made prior to September 11, and, in effect, gave full approval to the wholesale murder and assassination policies that the Jews have been conducting for several years against the Palestinians. This makes the Jews the judge, the jury, and the executioner, and leads America deeper into the Jihad, into the Holy War, that may have had its beginnings with the destruction of the "One World" Trade Center Towers.

Americans need to look beyond what the popular media is reporting. Walid Jumblatt, the Druze leader in Lebanon, has been quoted as saying:

"There are a number of questions on the authors of the attacks in America. I think they were a great coup carried out by the secret services. The CIA and the Mossad could be behind (the attacks) to provoke a new war and impoverish and occupy the Middle East."

This statement is probably a far more accurate reflection of what actually happened - and even provides answers to questions many Americans have been asking regarding how American intelligence could have overlooked such an operation.

While the media talks about "The Middle East Crisis", the truth is that the "crisis" is much more far-reaching. America is in bed with Israel, China recently rejected delegates from Israel, Arab nations in Africa are siding with Palestine, and so on and so forth. The Jews in Israel are leading us to yet another world war because of their desire to conquer the world, which may prove to be the Armageddon of America. It should be remembered that there are several suitcase atomic bombs missing from the former Soviet Union's arsenal, allegedly bought up by Arab money. It should also be remembered that Kadafi most likely already has biological agents and the manufacturing capabilities, as do other Muslim Arab countries.

If Americans do not start speaking up for at least fairness regarding our Middle East policies, then the Jew-controlled Congress and oil-controlled president may well lead our nation of timid sheep into the slaughter of the ages, and the ribbon-wearing and flag-waving mob is only too willing to be led by Jewish hysteria. The supporting of Jewish one-worldism is not American patriotism. An American patriot is one who upholds the sovereignty of the constitutional nation bequeathed to us white Americans by our forefathers.

It is utterly sickening to hear the American Jews' media lump Christian patriots with fanatical kamikaze Muslims. One news commentator was so stupid as to refer to Christian patriots as "terrorists" because of the actions of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, neither of whom even claimed to be nominal Christians. There is little doubt that McVeigh was handled or manipulated in the same way that Lee Harvey Oswald was manipulated by unseen powers. But the Jew media did portray its true agenda, and that is to make war with real Bible-believing Christians. The political control over the media is so obvious that only a moron could miss it. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell had to back up on their statements that the bombing was a judgment on America for catering to homosexuals. We have seen the microphone literally taken away from anyone who has a dissenting point-of-view or who would dare implicate the Jews.

There are over one billion Arab Muslims in the world. They are clearly established here in America with more mosques being built than Christian churches or even Jewish synagogues. Fairness should also be called for immediately in our investigation of just who may have been behind the attack on the "One World" Jewish banking center of New York. The media has failed to explain the Jewish Mossad's participation in giving our inept National Security agencies information. Yet, there has not been one shred of evidence to prove that Osama bin Laden actually ordered the destruction of the towers. The truth is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of bin Ladens, ready at a moment's notice or with the right provocation, such as the Jews' taking the mosque of the Dome of the Rock, to call for Holy War upon America at any time.

While America reels from the attacks, the arrogant Jews are planning to further provoke and unite the Arab world into what may become World War III by deliberately leading a mob to the very shadow of the Dome of the Rock mosque, avowing to destroy or "liberate the Temple Mount from the pagan Arab worshippers and rebuild his [in reference to their fictitious G-d] house." Do these insane Jews know that they are starting World War III? Absolutely. The same people, Temple Mount and Eretz Yisrael Faithful Movement, perhaps the most radical, fundamentalist extremist Jews and Zionists not only in Israel but throughout the world, have stated clearly that they understand what attacking the mosque at the Dome of the Rock will really mean in terms of consequences. These Yids said in a press release: "All of this again showed that the destiny of the people and land of Israel and all the world will be decided on the Temple Mount." In plain, simple, good old American, it means the Jews are ready to fight and destroy the Arab world to the last American dollar and the last drop of white American blood. All these flag wavers will no doubt soon have the chance to go to war for insane Zionist Jews and big oil, big corporate interests. Under the approval and plan of the Israeli authorities, this group of insane Jews will start with a march to the Temple Mount to begin a dedication and laying of two marble rocks reported to become cornerstones of the "Third Temple." This is to take place on October 4, 2001, at 9:30 AM. The Jews believe the mosque must be torn down in order to build the temple at the correct location - although some try to con the Arabs by saying they will only rebuild the temple next to the mosque. This in no way will satisfy their imagined Biblical demands. There will be no news in the American media until the day the mob actually marches to declare their intentions to destroy the third most holy mosque in all of the Moslem world. To tell the American public now what the Jews are doing at one of the most volatile times in American history would certainly cause a talk show debate across America, and Americans may find out and realize that all the prophecies they are proclaiming have already been fulfilled in the past. What is even worse, 99% of the people claiming to be Jews or Israelites have no blood kin or moral right to such a claim whatsoever but are Khazars (see The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler).

Thus, while Arabs have become the target of American outrage over the bombings, wiser Americans should direct their anger toward the real culprit - the Jews. The acts of Jews in America and Israel, and the Americans who support them, are what may have driven the Arabs to commit acts of so-called terrorism on American soil, if indeed Arabs did commit the acts. It is the Jews who plunged America into war with the Arab world many years ago, and who have brought upon us the most recent act of so-called terrorism. What few Americans realize is that Jews are occupying a foreign land owned by Palestinians, and thus declared war on the Palestinians. While Americans may not realize it, in siding with Israel, America had already declared war on the Arabs first - and thus attacks by Arabs come as little surprise. The true terrorists are the Jews who have antagonized, murdered, and degraded the Arab world to such an extent that they are driven to strike out against America, the same country which provides much of Israel's money and which is guilty of the deaths of thousands of Palestinians who were guilty only of owning the land the Jews wanted. America's undying support of Israel and the antichrist Jews has brought these attacks upon us.

It is to be remembered that the Jewish Mossad has been linked with the bombing murder of hundreds of Marines in Lebanon. The Mossad has entered the United States and Canada and murdered American and Canadian citizens, while our governments have turned a blind eye. It is far more likely that the suicide teams were run and even financed by the Jewish Mossad, while thinking they were working for bin Laden or some other outspoken Arab leader or were even Jews themselves. This is especially true when it was learned that the agents were operating with stolen passports and that we do not know who, in reality, flew the planes into the One World Jewish Trade Center. This may turn out to be like the death of John F. Kennedy, now clearly linked to the involvement of Jews and the Jewish Mossad (see Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper). We must not allow the Jewish spin doctors to tell us what to believe. We must demand the evidence before picking up a flag and bursting into choruses of "God Bless America." Remember, the Jews have used phony patriotism to murder millions of white men since our American Civil War.

Before everybody jumps on the patriotic bandwagon, time should be taken for clear and decisive deliberation based upon facts, not upon Jewish media-orchestrated emotions. The Jews have waved the flag many times before in our country, and each time it has resulted in the wholesale murder and slaughter of thousands of white Americans. When the Jews get patriotic, it is time to watch out. What about real patriots?

This writer clearly advises Americans to stay out of big cities, especially New York. Avoid mass gatherings, such as ball games. Try to have food and water stocked up for at least a three month period. Be prepared to do without electricity, and start making preparations for bomb shelters, specifically designed against biological agents. In other words, come out from among them and be a separate people. It seems clear that Bush and the Jew-philes now in speaking positions within the United States government are bent on escalating the situation to a greater extreme. Did anyone pause to ask why President Bush would interrupt a press conference on September 17 to bid the Jews a happy new year and wish them well? The Jews have now got the bad press off their backs, and even endorsement and permission for the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians. While America weeps and wails for at least 6,500, the Palestinians continue to mourn for the millions we Americans helped the Jews kill by sitting on our fat asses and allowing our government to be bought and sold to the highest bidder. It has been said that we have the best government money can buy. The truth is that we have the worst government money can buy. We fat Americans have only begun to have our chickens come home to roost.

If Bush is half as crazy as the media makes him out to be (in terms of seeking to make war on Afghanistan or other Moslem countries), then it will be the white phony Christians and the hypocritical Jews who will be the losers in the end. I do not say this as a prophet of doom, but only to point out the same truth that the arrogant Custer failed to see at the Battle of Little Big Horn. Again, there are more than one billion dedicated Muslims in the world, a large percentage willing to die for what they believe. Real American patriots must not allow the Jews to use the blood of the sons and daughters of America and its military might to declare war on the Moslem states - not if America intends to survive as America.


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