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Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 12:00:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jamal Hannah <jah@iww.org>
Subject: Re: A good Anti-fascist E-mail List

Here is a list I set up for dealing with fascists who try to infiltrate the anarchist movement (folks like Bill White and Troy Southgate)


You can read about it here:


 - JH


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(4/20/01 9:38:14 pm)
  Re: Bill White

Bill White is a creepy demagogue, who has no connections whatsoever to the anarchist movement. He's continually switching his political affiliations- from Pat Buchanan's Reform Party, to the CPUSA, to the Libertarian Party, etc. White explicitly states in his charter that he wants a society with entrepreneuers and factory managers, and a middle class, and that he supports the US Constitution. A quick glance at his websites reveal that he is more interested in shocking people or looking edgy by flaunting his rightwing/authoritarian affiliations than in actually changing anything for the better. He only has one measly anarchist link- to infoshop.org, no doubt an excellent site, but not without bashing it as "boring" and "reformist". Meanwhile Bill is running for state legislature. Don't waste your time on this wanker. - Ryan


[IMC-Editorial] what gives?
Chuck0 chuck at tao.ca
Fri, 01 Dec 2000 22:11:13 -0500

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Cecilie Surasky wrote:
> Hi Folks...
> I am a big fan of indymedia, and that's why I turned to you for
> coverage of the jesse jackson protests etc in florida today. I found
> wonderful coverage of the hearing on black voter disenfranchisement,
> but I also found the link below, which by any objective standards does
> not belong on your site. what gives? I DO understand that part of your
> beauty and strength is allowing anyone to participate by linking to
> the site, but surely you have some editorial standards for what goes
> up , and surely this (and anything from the libertarian socialist
> website, which sounds anarchistic but is chock full of views
> reflective of /and links to white supremacists, anti-semites,
> homophobes etc...) should be screened out. IndyMedia is an amazing
> institution. It is NOT a home for hate masquerading as journalism.

This is funny in a weird way. I've flamed Bill White's butt for several years now. But his posting which is referenced here will demonstrate why we need guidelines for the IMC webiste and why we can't have a laissez faire free speech policy.

Cecilie: If you are really interested, I can give you the lowdown about Bill White offlist. Suffice it to say that he has been spending time recently in the Reform Party, working on behalf of anti-semite Pat Buchanan. Before that he spent several years making up stories about local (D.C.) activists. This is the same guy who bragged to anarchists several years ago that he could create a philosophy of fascist anarchism. His adoption of "national anarchism" should come as no surprise, but I suspect that, as usual, he is doing this simply to get
attention for himself.

Anarchists have repudiated Bill White for several years. In fact, we have several names for him:

* Kaiser Bill
* The CIA Artificial Stupidity Machine

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