Challenging the Right Wing Backlash

Edited by Chip Berlet

400 pages, paperback

ISBN: 0-89608-523-6

South End Press, Boston, 1995
A Political Research Associates Book

The right is moving full force to impose its agenda regarding race, sex, (un)employment, and government, seeking to turn back the clock to before the Great Depression. These urgent essays will encourage strategic action to counter right-wing corporate, religious, and political agendas and to defend democracy and diversity. Activists and progressive academics will find useful information and analyses to help draw blueprints for localized strategic campaigns to counter the right-wing ascendency.

With contributions from activists, journalists, and intellectuals- such as Jean Hardisty of Political Research Associates, journalist Liz Galst, Scot Nakagawa of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, theorist Matthew N. Lyons, Loretta Ross of the Center for Democratic Renewal, author Fred Clarkson, Suzanne Pharr of the Women's Project, and many more- this anthology brings together some of the most insightful and original thinking about fighting the right wing today. The contributors to this anthology call for all persons who want to defend democracy and diversity to forge integrated and broad-based coalitions for mutual self-defense on the grassroots and state level. With chapters covering attacks on immigrants, lesbians and gay men, people of color, environmentalists, artists, and educators, this anthology shows how these disparate groups are linked by the need to resist the over-arching anti-democratic objectives of the right-wing offensive.

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    Table of Contents

    Jean Hardisty 13


    Theocracy & White Supremacy 15
    Behind the Culture War to Restore Traditional Values
    Chip Berlet & Margaret Quigley

    Theocratic Right

    The Christian Right Seeks Dominion 44
    On the Road to Political Power & Theocracy
    Sara Diamond

    Pious Moralism 50
    Theocratic Goals Backed by Misrepresentation and Lies
    Liz Galst

    Christian Reconstructionism 59
    Theocratic Dominionism Gains Influence
    Frederick Clarkson

    Promise Keepers 81
    Christian Soldiers for Theocracy
    Russ Bellant


    Constructing Homophobia 86
    Colorado's Right-Wing Attack on Homosexuals
    Jean Hardisty

    Hate on Tape 105
    The Video Strategy of the Fundamentalist Right
    Laura Flanders

    Civil Rights, Special Rights & Our Rights 109
    Suzanne B. Goldberg

    Economic Backlash

    The Dying American Dream 113
    And the Snake Oil of Scapegoating
    Holly Sklar

    The Wise Use Movement 135
    Right-Wing Anti-Environmentalism
    William Kevin Burke

    Regulatory Takings & Private Property Rights 146
    Tarso Ramos

    Free Expression

    Culture Wars & Freedom of Expression 155
    David C. Mendoza

    Media Power 159
    The Right-Wing Attack on Public Broadcasting
    David Barsamian

    Racism & Xenophobia

    White Supremacy in the 1990s 166
    Loretta Ross

    White Panic 182
    Henry A. Giroux

    An International Perspective on Migration 186
    Cathi Tactaquin

    Pulling Up the Ladder 191
    The Anti-Immigrant Backlash

    Doug Brugge
    The Roots of the I. Q. Debate 210

    Eugenics & Social Control
    Margaret Quigley

    In the Land of White Supremacy 223
    June Jordan

    The Rise of Citizen Militias 226
    Angry White Guys with Guns
    Daniel Junas

    America Under the Gun 236
    The Militia Movement & Hate Groups in America
    Jonathan Mozzochi

    Guns, Ammo & Talk Radio 241
    Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon

    What is Fascism? 244
    Some General Ideological Features
    Matthew N. Lyons

    Encountering Holocaust Denial 246
    Lin Collette


    Divisions that Kill 266
    The Enemy Without & Within
    Suzanne Pharr

    Blacks & Gays 272
    Healing the Great Divide
    Barbara Smith

    Race, Religion & the Right 279
    Scot Nakagawa

    Assault on Affirmative Action 283
    Adolph Reed, Jr.

    Black Conservatives 289
    Deborah Toler


    A Call to Defend Democracy & Pluralism 316
    Blue Mountain Working Group

    How to Fight the Right 325
    Center for Democratic Renewal

    Challenging the Campus Right 327
    Advice from the University Conversion Project
    Rich Cowan & Dalya Massachi

    Immigration & the Civil Rights Movement's Response 333
    Bill Tamayo

    Religious Conservatives & Communities of Color 337
    A Roundtable of Activists
    Michelle Garcia

    Soundbites Against Homophobia 343
    Articulate Responses to Lies & Rhetoric
    Robin Kane

    Responding to Hate Groups 347
    Ten Points to Remember
    Center for Democratic Renewal

    Common Sense Security 350
    Sheila O'Donnell

    Uniting to Defend the Four Freedoms 357
    Chip Berlet

    Resources 361

    Index 374 - 498 

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