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Organized Labor & Working People
A Just Foreign Policy


The Dying American Dream
Holly Sklar

Beware Right Wing Anti-Globalism
A collection of web pages from PRA


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The ABCs of the Global Economy
by the Dollars and Sense Collective

Globalization and the Reconstruction of Common Sense in the US - Mark Rupert - Syracuse University

A Short History of Neoliberalism:
Twenty Years of Elite Economics and Emerging Opportunities for Structural Change
Susan George

How to Win the War of Ideas:
Lessons from the Gramscian Right
Susan George

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Labor Research Association

Researching Labor and Corporation Links Page: UMASS Labor Relations and Research Center

Economic Policy Institute

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (POCLAD)

A global campaign webliography


Moving Ideas Network

Economic Democracy Information Network (EDIN)


National Campaign

United for a Fair Economy

Socialism and Democracy The Journal published by Carfax

National Labor Committee

Shared Capitalism Institute

Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism

Public Citizen Global Trade Watch

International Forum on Globalization (IFG)

Global Policy

The Limits of Markets by Robert Kuttner

50 Years is Enough

OneWorld.Net Research Guides

corp-focus -- Sharp-edged commentary on corporate power

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