Carroll Quigley's Smoking Gun
©1997 by Gerry Rough

By far the most celebrated quote in New World Order writings, this famous quote is found in many books on the subject. It will come as a definite shock for the conspiracy crowd who refuse to hear the truth, except the truth that agrees with their version of it.

Gary Allen, author of None Dare Call it Conspiracy, writes on page 12:

This same quote, found on page 950 of Tragedy and Hope, is found in many other writings on the New World Order as well. Gurudas gives the longer version of the same quote, adding two more sentences just prior to the above. It should be noted, however, that most New World Order theorists are not so honest with their quotes. A quick reread of the above reveals why. The above “network” must remain a secret in order for the quote to have any value toward proving that there is a conspiracy. Once the secretive “network” is revealed, the quote loses much of its appeal as a proof text for the existence of a conspiracy. Gurudas gives the longer version: So, it seems like the forces of good have been indeed taken over by the forces of evil after all! Should we then head for the hills in wait for the New World Order? Is all hope for America lost with this damning revelation of the coming global enslavement? Are the forces of evil gathering for the last battle for control of the planet? Aaaaaaaarg!

Fortunately, all is not lost. The naysayers have indeed pulled a fast one on their unsuspecting minions. Believe it or not, the search for the truth of Quigley’s statement need not be long and tedious. Far be it. One only need look at the page just prior to the citation. In fact, the prior paragraph is more descriptive. Without any further commentary to cloud your judgment, let’s read the entire citation in its proper context:

And so, in perfect harmony with deliberate omission in order to prove the existence of a global conspiracy, Allen and others are most to be pitied if this is the ‘smoking gun’ of the New World Order. By the simple addition of the prior paragraph, the citation is easily revealed as a deliberate fraud. Far from revealing the existence of a global conspiracy, Carroll Quigley is specifically refuting the existence of such a conspiracy. To paraphrase Quigley: Interestingly, in the 30+ years of the existence of this famous quote, only now is the truth out in the open. Surely this does not bode well for the conspiracy theorists in their search for the truth.

On a related note to the above, Carroll Quigley would later destroy the plates to Tragedy and Hope. [Please see the update to this paragraph] When Quigley found out that he could not keep the right-wing crazies from deliberately distorting this and many other citations in Tragedy and Hope, he decided that the only way to prevent the conspiracy theorists from distorting his work was to deny them their ammunition. In so doing, his plan backfired. The radical Right, as he called them, claims to this day that the book was suppressed by the New World Order; yet another deliberate fabrication.

The sweet smell of truth has finally replaced the stench of distortion.

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