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New Releases

Abortion Wars: A Half Century of Struggle, 1950-2000
Rickie Solinger (Editor)

The latest from the author of The Abortionist: A Woman Against the Law and Wake Up, Little Suzie: Single Pregnancy and Race Before Roe v. Wade.

Wrath of Angels: The American Abortion War
Jim Risen and Judy Thomas

(Review available)

Reproductive Rights

The Abortion Controversy: A Documentary History (Primary Documents in American History and Contemporary Issues, No 1)
Eva R. Rubin(Editor)

A collection of 92 documents relating to abortion, beginning with English common law, and going through 1993.

The Abortion Resource Handbook
K Kaufmann

The indispensable guide to finding a medically safe abortion.

Abortion Rights and Fetal 'Personhood'
Eds. Edd Doerr and James Prescott

Papers presented at an ARL conference May 1987. Centers around the "heart" of the abortion controversy - when does a fetus become a person?

Abortion Without Apology: A Radical History for the 1990's
Ninia Baehr

The title says it all!

The Abortionist: A Woman Against the Law
Rickie Solinger

Professor Solinger, visiting scholar in the Women's Studies Department at the University of Colorado, has written a fascinating history of the life and times of a woman braving the legal system to provide desperately needed health care for women. Ms. Solinger's book illustrates that legal or illegal the provision of abortion services is still an occupation marginalized by some in the medical establishment and viewed with ambivalence by the law.

The Anti-Abortion Movement and the Rise of the Religious Right
Dallas Blanchard

Professor Blanchard, author of Religious Violence and Abortion: The Gideon Project, has released a new book, The Anti-Abortion Movement and the Rise of the Religious Right. Mr. Blanchard, associate professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of West Florida, Pensacola, resides in a part of the country that has seen a high-level of anti-abortion violence and religious right activity.

In The Anti-Abortion Movement and the Rise of the Religious Right, Prof. Blanchard shows that the anti-abortion movement is complex, with organization, groups, and individuals limited to educational and lobbying activities and, at the other extreme, those involved in arson, bombing, and murder. His book examines the development of the anti-abortion counter-movement from 1973-1993.

Articles of Faith: A Frontline History of the Abortion Wars
Cynthia Gorney

A Washington Post journalist examines the abortion controversy through the eyes of two opponents -- Judith Widdicombe and Samuel Lee.

A Private Matter : RU 486 and the Abortion Crisis
Lawrence Lader

Larry Lader, one of the founding members of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, recounts the beginnings of the movement and what the future holds.

Doctors of Conscience: The Struggle to Provide Abortion Before and After Roe v. Wade
Carole Joffe
The author explores the lives of the heroic and committed physicians who worked to ensure safe abortions for women in the face of neglect - and worse - from hospitals, national medical organizations, and colleagues. (Review available)
A Question of Choice
Sarah Weddington

A history of the Roe v. Wade decision written by the woman who argued the case in the Supreme Court.

Religious Violence and Abortion: The Gideon Project
Dallas A. Blanchard, Terry J. Prewitt

The first of author Blanchard's works on anti-abortion violence. Reports on the 1980s trial of the Pensacola bombers.

The Story of Jane: The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service
Laura Kaplan

The book records the history of a small group of women who, between 1969 and 1973, ran an illegal abortion service in Chicago and learned how to perform the procedure themselves. Kaplan's account of this remarkable story recaptures the political idealism of the early '70s -- and the extreme security measures the group had to take--without glossing over the internal conflicts endemic to women's collectives of the era. (Review available)

Why I Am an Abortion Doctor
Suzanne T. Poppema, Mike Henderson, Suzanne P. Poppema

Told from the personal experiences of a physician who has performed over 20,000 abortions.


The Anti-Abortion Movement: References and Resources
Dallas A. Blanchard

Reference Publications on American Social Movements. The latest from author Dallas Blanchard, a Professor of Sociology and researcher of the anti-abortion movement.

Eternal Hostility: The Struggle between Theocracy and Democracy
Frederick Clarkson

Explains what is behind the violence against abortion clinics, attacks on gays and lesbians and the growing power of the religious right. (Review available)

Wake Up, Little Suzie: Single Pregnancy and Race Before Roe v. Wade.
Rickie Solinger

This New York Times 1992 Notable Book of the Year, illuminates the separate experiences of white and black unwed mothers after World War II. The central thesis of her work is, what happens to women when the state decides who is and who is not a mother. The role of Maternal Homes and adoption in unwed pregnancy is also examined.

1997-98 National Pro-Choice Directory

Includes over 450 listings plus addresses of current members of Congress.


Political / Social / Religious Right

Adventures in Medialand: Behind the News, Beyond the Pundits
Jeff Cohen, Norman Solomon

A critique of the modern press and the stories they don't tell.

In the Time of the Right: Reflections on Liberation
Suzanne Pharr

"...a call for action for all concerned people who are searching for new choices in our efforts to find better ways to live with each other..."

Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics

This story spans the novelistic spectrum from the bedroom farce to high moral drama, and it paints a picture of the political state of the nation so vivid and authentic that one finds in it the deepest kind of truth -- the kind of truth that only fiction can tell.

The Republican War Against Women: An Insider's Report from Behind the Lines
Tanya Melich

An absolute must read for anyone interested in the politics of abortion. A stunning exposè of the Politics of Intolerance.

Feminist Literature

Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women
Susan Faludi

An analysis of the position of women in American society during the '80s.

Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women & Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood
K. Wind Hughes (Editor), Linda Wolf

The real lives of today's young women.

The Futures of Women: Scenarios for the 21st Century
Pamela McCorduck, Nancy Ramsey

Explores four different scenarios for the future of women.


The Case Against School Vouchers
Edd Doerr, Albert J. Menendez, John Swomley

Should public funds be used to support religious education?

Church Schools and Public Money: The Politics of Parochaid
Edd Doerr and Albert J. Menendez

A state by state examination of the campaign to get tax support for sectarian schools.

School Choice: The Struggle for the Soul of American Education
Peter W. Cookson

In 150 pages, Professor Cookson of Adelphi University, endeavors to put, "the school choice movement in its historical and contemporary contexts, to describe the major choice plans through case studies, to analyze the outcomes of schools choice, and to examine the underlying assumptions of the market model of educational reform." He succeeds! (Review available)

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