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the Body Politic
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Here is what's new from the the Body Politic Reprint Project. If you'd like to see specific articles (see issue contents) made available, please click here to send E-Mail or contact us by phone or FAX.

Recent Activity

Nov. 13, 1999
Reprint from June 1997
Surf's Up: Feminists For Life
Oct. 03, 1999
Reprint from December 1996
Police Protecting Police
Feb. 21, 1999
Reprint from March 1997
Neal Horsley and CRP
Feb. 7, 1999
Reprint from March 1992
France and Abortion
Jan. 5, 1999
Reprint from May 1992
Spring of Life - Leaks
Marilyn Buckham: Hooray for Contempt
Reprint from January 1993
The Overground Railroad Builds Up Head of Steam
Reprint from January 1996
Army of God -- Still Marching, part II
Reprint from September 1991
Judge Clarence the New Thomas 'a Becket?
Militia-related articles from June/July 1995
Issue Contents and Cover Graphic
Militia Diary
Militia Men: Herb Philbrick in Camouflage?
IFAS Uncovers Militia "Enemies" List
Eyes Right: State Citizenship
Spotlight: The Coalition for Human Dignity
Reprints from June 1991
Special Edition devoted to the Rust v. Sullivan Supreme Court Decision. See contents of this issue for article titles
Reprints from October-November 1991
Editor's Desk: Clarence Thomas -- threat to privacy?
RU 486: Are You the Moral Property of Women?
RU 486 and the FDA
Book Review: RU 486, by Lawrence Lader
Editor's Desk: A Chance to Interview Larry Lader
Spotlight: Larry Lader: Tireless Warrior
Spotlight: Connie Cook -- Tiny Giant

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