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the Body Politic
Vol. 7, No. 7 - July 1997, Page 1 News Brief
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R.A.T. Race: Randall Terry to Run for Congress

By Jane Clair

Photo of Randall Terry, Fall 1996 Pro-choice supporters in the 26th Congressional District of NYS were not surprised by Randy Terry's June announcement of his intentions to challenge incumbent Democrat Maurice Hinchey in 1998. However, those who regularly "eavesdrop" on Terry's syndicated radio show were perhaps surprised that he will run first in the Republican Primary, and not only as a Right-to-Life or U.S. Taxpayers Party candidate. At this writing, Terry will face Douglas Drazen in the Primary; Drazen is an anti-federalist candidate who holds similar views to Terry. Another prospective Republican candidate, moderate Bud Walker, has yet to announce.

Mr. Terry's announcement in Binghamton was attended by a roomful of supporters and his family. He announced his agenda for national office, which includes abolishing taxes, ending legal abortion, and fighting gay rights. The long and narrow Congressional District has been represented by Maurice Hinchey since 1993.

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