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the Body Politic
Vol. 7, No. 4 - April 1997, Page 12
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Through the Looking Glass With Fr. Trosch

By Nicole Youngman

Er...yeah. You'll definitely want to disable your bullshit-meter before browsing this one
Anyone interested in entering a truly surreal environment should visit "justifiable homicide" proponent David Trosch's site at http://www.trosch.org.

The Catholic priest gained notoriety a few years ago, particularly on the Gulf Coast, when he came out in favor of shooting abortion providers in the name of saving "innocent babies." Lately he has not been in the news much, except for some comments made after the recent bombings in Atlanta stating that the planting of the second bomb "was probably done by the ATF, or the FBI, or possibly some abortion providers trying to provoke action against anti-abortion forces."

The site's first page contains the usual mug shot Trosch loves to get in the newspapers, collar and all, and a brief biography. He then jumps quickly into theological ranting:

"If the world were to end today, it is probable that 80% to 95% of all people professing a Christian belief and attending church on a regular basis would go straight to Hell. This number does not even include active sodomites, pedophiles or those who are either pro-choicer's or pro-abortionists claiming to practice a Christian belief."
Subsequent pages contain letters, various theological ramblings, and the crude drawing depicting a "doctor" holding a huge knife being shot in the back while standing over a hugely pregnant woman's belly. His list of recommended reading includes A Time to Kill by Michael Bray, and of course David C. Reardon's pseudo-study Aborted Women, Silent No More.

Subsequent areas get increasingly bizarre. Trosch includes childish drawings done by Shelley Shannon (and if you think the women in Dilbert have bad hair, wait'll you've seen these!), who was convicted of shooting Dr. George Tiller in the arms in the summer of 1993. One contains the caption "We are pro-choice for each and every baby killer without showing favoritism or partiality. Now is that fair or what? Every abortionist deserves a choice (stop or be stopped)." Another cartoon, this one pulled from the pages of Life Advocate, shows an ideal young white American family stopping by to visit Michael Griffin in prison. The father emotes "I would have spoken up for you at your trial, but I hadn't been born yet. Thanks for saving my life, Mr. Griffin!"

This far-right surrealism hits its peak with a science-fiction-y "Letter Home," dated "2023." Purportedly written by a career-minded young woman, it explains that she has made the "difficult choice" to take her kindergarten-aged little boy to a "children's clinic" and thus get rid of the burdens of childrearing so that she can work long hours in pursuit of a "hefty raise." "And PLEASE don't give me the kind of grief Grandma gave you over your abortions," the "author" writes, "It's the same thing, you know."

Er...yeah. You'll definitely want to disable your bullshit-meter before browsing this one--but it WILL give you a good look at how these folks view women and the roles we should be playing in their ideal, theocratic society.

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