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the Body Politic
Vol. 7, No. 3 - March 1997, Page 13
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Neal Horsley and CRP

By Anne Bower


In our never ending quest to bring our readers information (and occasional humor) we offer you a new feature, Surf's.Up, a review of Web sites around the world. For the uninitiated who haven't the time, money or inclination to deal with the Internet, I offer a little explanation. The Internet is rather like radio, good complete information that makes you use your imagination. The World Wide Web is TV for the Internet. Information with pictures.

There has been an explosion of information on the Internet in the past year and any researcher serious about their calling is obliged to check it out. Many of our friends (and foes) are making their case on-line to the world. With the advent of Surf's.Up we will give you a taste of what's going on. The rest is up to you.

No one has unalienable rights unless the Creator is seen to be the source of rights. Moving people to understand rights and right has been God's plan for government since the beginning of time. And that is still God's plan for government today. Restoring that plan to its rightful place of authority in this nation is the goal of the Creator's Rights Party.

Neal Horsley, current Gubernatorial candidate for the state of Georgia, former druggie, former felon and graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, wants your vote. Mr. Horsley is running for governor on the Creator's Rights Party, an organization he founded with views far to the right of Howard Phillips U.S. Taxpayer's Party.

His web site, christiangallery.com offers information about the CRP and a taste of its platform. The CRP takes as its guiding principle the Declaration of Independence, ignoring our real governing document, the Constitution. (The Constitution, with its balance of powers has become too liberal for the far right which doesn't want to deal with compromise and tolerance of differing views.)

Becoming a member of CRP is simple, says Mr. Horsley. "Believing that the words in the Declaration of Independence define God's plan for government makes you a member of the Creator's Rights Party." No dues to pay, there. CRP, with a direct pipeline to the Creator, intends to restore God's plan for government to our nation. "The Creator's Rights Party is the only authentic instrument of change sanctioned by God Himself available to you in this nation."

Should Mr. Horsley be elected Governor of Georgia on the CRP label, his first act would be to secede that state from the Union. Secession is a better strategy than violence to save American from "Idolatry" claims Mr. Horsley. (We must admit a little smirk at the idea of the home state of Speaker Gingrich seceding from the Union. Dream on.)

Nuremberg Files

"... every Christian in this nation who is not presently in prison for resisting legalized abortion has committed idolatry."

Naturally, to join CRP you must be rabidly anti-choice. Mr. Horsley has allied himself with some of the most violent-prone anti-abortion zealots in the nation. His web site is home, not only to CRP, but convicted arsonist Michael Bray's Capital Area Christian News, Donald Spitz's Pro-Life Virginia, and links to Life Advocate magazine.

He also hosts a project of the American Coalition of Life Advocates, the Nuremberg Files, a national database of abortion providers, clinic owners and workers, pro-choice politicians, lawyers, judges who have ruled against anti-abortion activists and anybody else who is publically pro-choice. ACLA is looking for any information possible, including: photos (homes, cars, friends, etc.), addresses, social security numbers, license plates, divorce records, etc. These dossiers are being prepared for the time when everyone connected in any way with providing abortion services can be tried and duly convicted, and one assumes, executed.

The ACLA wants this project completed by June 1, 1997, after which, "The evidence we collect will be forwarded to several secure locations so that pro-abortion forces will not be able to destroy the evidence and prevent its future use." (Visions of their secret bunkers being reconnoitered by pro-choice commandos dance in the head.)

Projects like these, inaccurate and clumsy as they are, have been attempted before. Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics wrote a book, Lime 5 (see Oct/Nov. and Dec. 1996 Body Politic), using material gathered on doctors and clinics. The concern in the pro-choice community is lists like these can be precursors to stepped-up attacks on doctors and clinic workers. This site should be watched in future months.

Hard Core

Caution: Read review before surfing!
The CRP web site may bear watching, but not all of it. The reason for choosing Mr. Horsley's web page for our first review was to send a sincere message of caution to those casually scanning its pages.

This reporter was frankly stunned to find something on the Internet she never expected to see -- hard core pornography in its most graphic form. I know this is available on the Internet, but many sites don't let you see anything without a credit card in hand and a pledge you are over 21. Never did I expect to see pictures of this nature in a place called "christian gallery."

Mr. Horsley does caution that viewers of his Desecration Digest should be adult, but after years of reading anti-choice literature, I am also familiar with what they usually consider obscene, so I went ahead. The first pictures on screen were exactly what I expected -- the dismembered fetus photos. Then the erect penis started to emerge and it went downhill from there. My husband, who saw most of the rest of the pictures, was frankly grossed out. We are placing a big Mr. Yuck sticker on this site -- and on Neal Horsley!

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This archive is hosted by
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The material posted here is not current