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the Body Politic
Vol. 7, No. 2 - February 1997, Page 2 News Brief
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Clinic Violence Escalates

US Map with incidents marked
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As the cover of this News Brief shows, the lull in violent activity at clinics seems to be over with seven bombings and arsons counted in the last eight months. Even blockade activity has escalated, FACE notwithstanding. What is going on?

Readers of the Body Politic may not be very surprised by these occurrences. We are one of the few publications that routinely reports on clinic attacks and the movements of those dedicated to destroying legal abortion by any means necessary. However, my surmise is, the latest bombings may prove to be part of a larger picture of emerging domestic terrorism encouraged by the far-right, especially those associated with militias. The Atlanta bombing certainly fits the pattern of "two birds with one stone." Take out a clinic because abortion is "bad," then use that attack to take out federal agents (the primary target) who will surely arrive on the scene.

Those who promote the idea that the federal government isn't just bungling or insensitive, but truly evil, are demonizing federal agents like they have abortion providers, thereby fanning the flames of what could become a very nasty chapter in American history. Look out 1997!

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