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the Body Politic
Vol. 5, No. 11 - December 1995, Page 14
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Human Life International

Dallas Regional Conference

by Valerie Finkelman

"America is dying because it is not replacing itself. There is no replacement birthrate. Babies are the only future America and couples have. No babies ... no future".

... and while we are saving the world, feminism must go because "it has destroyed the Catholic School system by cleaning out the convents because nuns lost their faith."

The implied racism of the remarks of Father Paul Marx, head of Human Life International, was there for all to see at the Dallas Regional Conference August 15-17. In his opening remarks, his usual themes that the family is the generator of Christian values and divorce and abortion tear it apart, (just like Communism), was augmented by statements such as,

"There are at least a million aliens living in America, and that is not counting all the illegals. Whites will be a minority in a couple of years (as they already are in California) because of contraception. It is the same all over the world. All of Europe will die out because they are not producing enough children to replace themselves for the future."

After castigating America for the sins of abortion and contraception, he went on to attack most nations of the world (except the Vatican) for their support of birth control and family planning. Quoting Ghandi that the only birth control worthy of human beings is self control, Fr. Marx went on to lament "we are living in a culture of death" exemplified by contraception, sterilization, and abortion where men use women as playthings. He said our failure to control the sexual impulse had given us a world of venereal disease, AIDS, and fornicating teens.

Few escaped his reproach as he attacked women, Planned Parenthood, and the United Nations.

"There are 8 million single-parent families all from female intercourse. Planned Parenthood promotes abortion to remedy failed contraception. Alan Guttmacher has done more harm than any doctor has ever done before in this country. More priests have to preach about the evil of contraception. The United Nations is a corrupt organization because they are working on abortificients. UNICEF is just another organization promoting population control."

To Fr. Marx's way of thinking, the solution to all these problems is to get back to God by eliminating contraception, sterilization, or any organizations promoting population control. And while we are saving the world, feminism must go because "it has destroyed the Catholic School system by cleaning out the convents because nuns lost their faith."

In closing, Fr. Marx said,

"According to Pharmacists for Life, by including the pill, abortion, IUD's, Depo Provera, and the use of the morning after pill, that there are 9 to 12 million abortions a year worldwide. Sex education is a curse by Planned Parenthood. Abortion is sexual abuse. And priests and nuns all come from large middle class families (with 6 plus children). We have to have more children because there are not enough priests and nuns being trained!"

The next speaker on the docket was Pro-Life Action League leader from Chicago, Joe Scheidler, who continued the anti-Planned Parenthood theme. Asserting that if he doesn't get arrested once in a while he isn't doing his job, Mr. Scheidler characterized himself as "one of the church militants who have a war to fight." He admonished the audience,

"We must believe in the presence of evil--the devil does exist. Standing in front of abortion clinics you can feel Satan. The media is doing the devil's work. Computers are used by Satan!"

Continuing the satan theme he called abortion satanism and asserted that "abortionists drink heavily, are on drugs and are constantly having orgies. The clinic is their church and abortion is a sacrament -- a form of sacrifice". Then he offered to sign copies of his book, Closed, 99 Ways to Stop Abortion and promoted his video production entitled Meet the Abortion Providers.

Saturday morning saw Mr. Scheidler again speaking on Effective Activism. He was introduced as a hero and general leader of the pro-life movement in America and claimed it was he who first said "IF ABORTION IS MURDER, LET'S ACT LIKE IT!" However, he did state this mantra cannot be used to justify the killing of abortion providers because that is morally wrong and besides, the perpetrator of the crime is the mother, not the doctor.

"The Supreme Court invented abortion, but nobody has the right to have an abortion."

The Saturday workshop agenda also featured Jim Sedlak from upstate New York who founded S.T.O.P.P. (Stop Planned Parenthood) an organization dedicated to fighting "the most evil organization in the world, Planned Parenthood." Mr. Sedlak made his usual attack on Planned Parenthood's sexuality education programs claiming they cause pre-marital sex and are a way to spread the religion of Secular Humanism.

The Saturday evening banquet speaker was Dr. Mildred Jefferson, introduced as the first black women graduate of Harvard Medical School and one of the founders of Right to Life. Dr. Jefferson began by asserting,

"Planned Parenthood was in charge of the women's conference in Beijing along with their puppet friends in the United Nations... The United States has a source of evil that is destroying the world and that is population control."

In a rambling speech at the sparsely attended banquet, (no more than 85 out of 150 expected), Dr. Jefferson went on to assert that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist and the organization follows her policies even today. (When a black woman, Faye Wattleton, and a black man, Dr. Kenneth Edelin, headed Planned Parenthood, these assertions were even less credible.)

On Sunday morning attendees were sermonized by Fr. Marx's workshop, Chastity in Married Life. He began by instructing the audience,

"We have to control the sexual drive. There are too many unsuccessful marriages because of a lack of marriage preparation."

For assumedly chaste Fr. Marx, much of this marriage preparation has to do with NFP (Natural Family Planning). Talking earnestly of cervical mucus and basal temperatures, Fr. Marx said that many couples find that abstinence, which can last for 7 to 12 days, is not a drawback but a definite asset to the couple. He claimed that NFP has a scientific basis and is as reliable as the pill. Insisting that God controls fertility, Fr. Marx said,

"Contraception is evil because it withholds the sperm from the egg. People who use contraception are not happy, and that is why there are so many divorces. One of the most evil protection devices is the diaphragm. The pill causes infertility. Contraception promotes homosexuality. There is no justification for sterilization, as it mutilates the body. Vasectomies cause prostate problems, strokes, immune problems and bed hopping."

After this scientific presentation, Jim Sedlak closed the conference with his workshop on how to Take Control of the Sex Education Process. Following a brief history lesson on the beginnings of sex education, Mr. Sedlak asserted the reason for sex education is not to promote healthy sexuality, control unintended pregnancy and prevent disease, but to sell birth control devices to teens. He went on to say,

"Sex education is in area of study not based on scientific study, and there is no reason for it to be in schools. Sex education disrupts the human sexual development of children because it is taught from pre-K until 12th grade."
Brochure: Why Condoms Aren't Safe

A former employee of IBM with no recognizable credentials in child or adolescent development, Mr. Sedlak gave his version of the sexual maturation process asserting that, early on, children have a natural interest in body parts, but after five, they are in a sexual latency period with no interest in sex. According to Mr. Sedlak, teaching sex education to young children arouses an unnatural interest in sex and prevents them from developing compassion. It makes them less able to learn other subjects -- plus, there are more drop outs because of sex education. It was obvious from his remarks that Mr. Sedlak never met a sex education program he liked and had no compunction about forcing his particular brand of morals on other families in any school district in the nation.

All in all, other than poor attendance and Norma McCorvey sitting at the Operation Rescue National table for a few hours, there was little new from this regional meeting.

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