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the Body Politic
Vol. 5, No. 11 - December 1995, Page 8
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Army of God: Still Marching

by Anne Bower

AOG Manual The "lone avenger" theory of murders, arsons, and bombings visited on abortion providers across America has been very popular with law enforcement and the press. However, researchers who have tracked these felons for years, are firmly convinced that these individuals are not acting alone, but are supported by a culture of hate obvious in literature and public comments, and a network of supporters who may not directly break the law, but are willing to help those who will. Some, such as Shelley Shannon, were directly aided by confederates and educated by a manual published by a shadowy group known as The Army of God.

...there is a "disclaimer" at the beginning noting the manual is "not intended to encourage the activities mentioned and described herein," because "Slick Willie" and his administration "would like to put the person who sold or gave you this book in jail."
Who serves in this "army"? They don't carry dog tags, so identification is guesswork, at best. Besides Ms. Shannon, who buried three copies in her backyard, Joshua Graff of Louisiana, in prison for arson, also had a copy. Don Benny Anderson, serving 30 years for the kidnapping of a provider in 1983, identified himself as a member. The manual itself provides some clues. Reading the Special Thanks section of the manual, you find many with their code names: Mad Gluer, Atomic Dog, Iron Maiden, Baby Huey, Road Warrior, and Shaggy West (Shelley Shannon) are just a few of the almost sixty listed.

Authorship of the manual can probably be attributed to the Mad Gluer, but when it was begun is a puzzle. There are clues to its dating throughout the text, leading me to believe it might have been begun in the late 1970s. In the Introductory Notes it says,

"The text that follows is a greatly-expanded upon version of a document originally editored from many sources by our brother warrior, the Mad Gluer. The Dedication and Special Thanks are exclusively his, as are most of the edited texts as far as and including the exposition of Bristar (a compound used to cause major structural damage to buildings). Only some enhancements and expansions have been added. The remainder of the text has been added by another warrior in the war to save the Innocents."

These "other enhancements" include a step by step blueprint for making C4, a very powerful explosive used by the army.

The manual in my possession is apparently the third edition which says on the cover, Revised & Expanded -- and rather recently because there is a "disclaimer" at the beginning noting the manual is "not intended to encourage the activities mentioned and described herein," because "Slick Willie" and his administration "would like to put the person who sold or gave you this book in jail."

Primer for Mayhem

No matter what the disclaimer, this book, reminiscent of the leftist Anarchist's Cookbook of the 70s, is a terrorist's bible. And like most terrorist literature, it elevates the terrorists' cause and actions to the highest plane.
"This is a manual for those who have come to understand that the battle against abortion is a battle not against flesh and blood, but against the devil and all the evil he can muster among flesh and blood to fight at his side. It is a How-to Manual of means to disrupt and ultimately destroy Satan's power to kill our children, God's children."

Obviously, those who use this manual are on the side of the angels, fighting the demon abortion providers and their fellow devils. It is language and ideas such as this that allow a John Salvi to walk into clinics and shoot to kill.

Of course, the soldiers in this army are not just fighting the demon doctors, but also, like Timothy McVeigh, the Satanic federal government,

"... a nation under the power of Evil - Satan, who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of the souls of mankind... A nation ruled by a godless civil authority that is dominated by humanism, moral nihilism, and new-age perversion of the high standards upon which a Godly society must be founded, if it is to endure."

The main strategy proposed in the manual is called Operation B.R.I.C.K. (Babies Rescued through Increased Cost of Killing). Using poetic license, the author attributes "suggestions" outlined in the manual to the authorship of the souls of the babies killed by abortion.

"... these ideas originated in the minds of the small but precious victims of the New Holocaust. It was their delicate frames that floated down the sewer drains of Amerika(sic). It was the fuel from their mutilated corpses that produced the smoke from the abortion clinic ovens."

In this early edition of the manual, the author states the little babies never had "thoughts of killing", although cutting off the thumbs of an abortionist was discussed. (By the end of the third edition, the tune was changed.)

After a few admonitions about "loose lips sink ships" -- trust no one (sounds like the X-Files) the author, who is quite knowledgeable about philosophy and might be Catholic school trained, given the number of latin phrases peppered through the document, gets down to the laundry list of actions.

Faye Wattleton and Margaret Sanger

Co-Author Joseph Scheidler

With tongue in cheek, the Mad Gluer begins his terrorist primer with the chapter 99 Ways to Stop Abortion by Margaret Sanger and Faye Wattleton. Doubtless, neither lady contributed to this work, but the chapter title is strongly reminiscent of Joseph Scheidler's Closed: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion, a book released in the early 1980s and a must read for anti-abortion activists. (Randall Terry must have studied it, chapter and verse). The similarity of methods proposed makes one wonder if Mr. Scheidler, a 20 year plus anti-abortion activist, authored the AoG, underground pamphlet, then published an above-ground book.

Naturally, the first suggestion from the Mad Gluer is Super Glue applied liberally to clinic locks. (This became so routine at the clinic in my hometown, that the administrator carried a syringe of acetone with her to work.) According to the Mad Gluer, this tactic was used to provide time for the "Sidewalk Counselor" to do her work of dissuading patients from entering the clinic.

On the following pages is a veritable alphabet soup of tactics designed to delay or halt clinics from providing services: kryptonite blockades, park-ins, flat tires for a doctor and staff, drilling holes in roofs. Soon the list progresses into tactics designed not only to damage a clinic but anything else in the way such as blowing up water meters, and jamming sewer lines and building vent pipes with concrete. All of these suggestions are accompanied with knowledgeable discussions about the operation of utilities and clear instructions about how to engineer the events.

It is obvious that the Mad Gluer is not just a weekend warrior, but a savvy and devoted terrorist willing to risk almost anything for his cause.

Next month, the explosive (literally) conclusion of our review of the Army of God manual.

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