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the Body Politic
Vol. 05, No. 06 - June/July 1995, Page 25
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IFAS Uncovers Militia "Enemies" List

By Anne Bower
See the contents of this issue for other militia-related articles, and especially Militia Diary for a history of the militia movement.

The Institute for First Amendment Studies recently uncovered a Christian militia "enemies" list. Among those listed are: Attorney General Janet Reno, FBI Director Louis Freeh, President Clinton, and Billy Graham who appears on the list because of his association with the President.

The list, obtained by an IFAS informant, came from a militia leader in a western state. While reviewing the list of about 4,500 names, IFAS co-founder Skipp Porteous found headings titled "The Enemy". Mr. Porteous, who has been working with the ATF and FBI, said, in general, the enemies are mostly government officials, investigative journalists, and liberal political activists. The existence of such a list, clearly labeled "enemy" is of great concern to IFAS.

"While these 'enemies' may simply be individuals of opposing ideological viewpoints, the mere existence of such a list poses a danger to those on the list. Coming across such names and designations, a mentally unbalanced member of such a group might feel it is his responsibility to eliminate such a person."

When asked if his name was on the list, Mr. Porteous said, "No, but I'll probably be on the next one, now that my name's gotten on the 'shit' list."

In other developments, informants working with IFAS related the views of Patriots attending a Christian Identity meeting in Branson, Missouri. Concerning children killed in the Oklahoma City bombing, one Patriot remarked,

"And we will ask them how many babies were killed by abortion today?"

Another member is reported to have said, "this is only the beginning."

A third member expressed the view,

"Terrorism is a political statement that gets everyone's attention. Federal buildings are the easiest to get to... They will finally have to close down all the federal buildings because people will be afraid to go into them. Anyone in a federal building should be killed."

According the IFAS informant, many at the meeting expressed the view that the bombing was retribution for the April 19th execution of Patriot folk hero Richard Snell. Snell was executed for the murder of a Jewish businessman and a black man a decade ago.

Mr. Porteous, a firm believer in free speech, said, in this case,

"It is important that we not overreact, but the federal government needs more leeway in investigating paramilitary groups. Too often their hands are tied. They should be permitted to try to detect these bombings before they happen."

Possibly as a result of his turning over this list to the ATF, Mr. Porteous' home was fired on by unknown assailants in a vehicle. No one was injured, but police in Great Barrington are keeping a watchful eye on the Institute which is right on the Main Street of town.

Meanwhile, Mr. Porteous is contacting many who were on the "enemies list" to warn them of potential trouble. IFAS may be contacted at PO Box 589 Great Barrington, MA 01230.

Visit the IFAS web site at http://apocalypse.berkshire.net/~ifas/

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This archive is hosted by
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The material posted here is not current