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the Body Politic
Vol. 4, No. 6 - June 1994, Page 12
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Cindy Terry: Real Estate Queen -- Continued...

by Anne Bower
(This article is a follow up to the main story in the May 1994 issue.)

Cindy Terry certainly has a real "green thumb" for real estate. So far, in 1994, she has paid off the $50,000 mortgage on their Harpursville house, borrowed $75,000 on the same property, which is for sale, and acquired an estate.

Early this year, the Terry family moved into the former New York headquarters of the Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation, Inc. in the town of Windsor, NY. The Terrys had lived in Windsor for a few years in the late 80's and must have been familiar with this magnificent piece of property.

Mr. Terry took a brief trip to Amsterdam last June, and it is believed he may have finalized plans for the transfer of this property during that visit. Shortly after his trip, the Johan Maasbach Foundation formally changed its New York corporation address from Windsor to Holland.

In the fall of 1993, the Terry's house in Harpursville went on the market. The housing market in the Southern Tier is very slow because the area has never come out of the recession. Without selling the house, Cindy paid off the mortgage in January 1994. During the next two months, Cindy borrowed $75,000 on the Harpursville house and moved to the new estate.

In April 1994, Mrs. Terry filed a deed and mortgage showing the extent of her latest real estate holdings. Cindy has landed 120 acres, valued at $275,000 which is mortgaged for $35,000, with the Johan Maasbach Foundation holding the paper. The house is a three-story Victorian with at least 5 out-buildings. A huge pond sits about 100 yards from a big red barn, all framed by lovely rolling hills.

When the Harpursville house is sold, both mortgages could be paid off, allowing Mrs. Terry to hold the estate free and clear. Not a bad deal for ten years of anti-choice activism. Way to go, Cindy!!!

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