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the Body Politic
Vol. 01, No. 06 -- June 1991, Page 1
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Rust vs. Sullivan: Shocking!

By Anne Bower

Most rational human beings live their lives and make their decisions within a set of probabilities expressed mathematically by a bell curve. The majority of probabilities are grouped on either side of the high point of the curve, but the curve does descend and fade out to extreme edges. Yes, we are obligated as a rational being to remember these extreme edges when planning actions; but we are seldom called upon to act upon the edge of probability. That is why the Supreme Court decision in Rust v. Sullivan to uphold all of the new Title X regulations is so shocking.

Discussion with pro-choice activists before the release of the ruling found most very pessimistic about a complete victory for our side. However, few believed that we would lose everything. The fact that the Supreme Court has surely mortgaged First Amendment rights to government "benefaction" is a situation no one wanted to foresee. This decision will reach into all areas of our life in America with possibly disastrous consequences.

The decision in Rust v. Sullivan is not just a ruling against abortion. It is a ruling against all of us as Americans -- whether we are male or female, professional or blue-collar, taxed or exempt. If you get any money from the federal government -- they own your rights.

Everyone -- including Randy Terry -- should be frightened by this Court and its direction for the next 40 years.

This special issue of the Body Politic is in response to the shocking ruling in the Rust v. Sullivan case. It is impossible to cover all sides of this event in this one issue, but the story is just beginning. Much more will transpire over the summer and for months to come. The Body Politic will continue its coverage of events and will bring you interviews with the major players.

Special note: The views expressed by Dara Silberstein on the Johnson Controls case in the May issue were her own, not those of her employer. Sorry, Dara!

PS. Thanks to all who are sending reports on doings in your area. They are greatly appreciated and will be printed. I can't do it without you.

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