The Culture of Life Battles the Culture of Death

Abortion Must be Stopped

“Safe, Legal, and Stigmatized” by Fred Barnes
This article from the conservative journal Human Life Review discusses the strategy changes that have occurred in the anti-abortion movement from a “pro-life” point of view, focusing on the success of stigmatizing abortion.

“Introducing Gospel of Life Ministries.”
The mission statement of the Gospel of Life Ministry, a media presence for antiabortion efforts led by Priests for Life head Rev. Frank Pavone, is to promote the Culture of Life. The group believes in the sanctity of all life, from fetuses of all stages of development to the sick and dying. They believe not only in banning abortion, but also banning all forms of “violence” that would end a life prematurely.

“The Vatican’s Summary of the Evangelium Vitae”
This official explanation of a 1995 encyclical explains the Roman Catholic Church’s views of the “Gospel of Life” and the threat of a so-called “culture of death.”

“Focus Celebrates Option Ultrasound Success” by Shana Schutte
Focus on the Family highlights the success of a program they started in 2004 called “Option Ultrasound” and its web presence Heartlink which put ultrasound machines into 650 pro-life pregnancy centers across the country.

“Mexico City Policy: Stopping the Spread (and Funding) of Western Errors”
Population Research Institute, a pro-life supporter of the currently disbanded Mexico City Policy commonly known as the Global Gag Rule, argues that American dollars should be denied to any foreign aid groups that dispense contraception and even discuss abortions. The article goes into detail about how this policy works in practice.

“Pro-Life Pharmacies Opening around the U.S.”
This Catholic News Agency article provides some interesting quotes from pharmacists who are refusing to fill prescriptions for drugs they disagree with, like contraception and Plan B.

“Fathers in Crisis: Dads are Key in Preventing Abortions,” by Michael Leaser (PDF)
This article argues that a man has a right to be a part of the decision when a woman considers an abortion. It also discusses the tactic of counseling men so that they can “save lives” by becoming more involved in the decision and care of pregnant women and their “unborn children.”

“The Third Victim of Abortion,” by Nathan Tabor
Acknowledging that men are affected by an abortion as well, this conservative article argues that a man deserves to be notified about an abortion before it happens, and he deserves to have some say in that abortion.