How to Use This Kit

This section of is a compilation of materials collected by Political Research Associates about opposition to reproductive justice. It is divided into two major sections:

  1. Defending Reproductive Rights: An Activist Resource Kit
  2. The new edition of the kit: Defending Reproductive Justice.

The print version of Defending Reproductive Rights, which originally came out in 2000, is republished in fully searchable pdf and html formats. You can click on any section from the menu to view and print information including primary source material (from the Right), analysis of opposition to abortion and other reproductive health issues, organizing advice, and organizational and reference listings. You can download and print any section of the publication.

The 2009 edition, Defending Reproductive Justice, is represented by the  Table of Contents. You can move through the kit be clicking on any item. You might want to begin by reading the OVERVIEW essay “Polished Lenses and Focused Targets: Defending Reproductive Justice” which discusses the history of opposition to the Reproductive Justice movement since the publication of our last kit. For a history of the anti-choice movement previous to that, check out “Reproducing Patriarchy: Reproductive Rights Under Siege” from the original 2000 edition.

The new edition is a compendium of material illustrating the Right’s more recent arguments and tactics and analysis of many of these same topics from progressive voices, easily accessible through annotated links from the Table of Contents or in the Overview.