The link between abortion and breast cancer:

What every woman in the world has a right to know!

In 1970 the World Health Organization published the results of its study on reproductive experience in relation to the incidence of breast cancer. This study of more than 17,000 women in seven locations on four continents gained knowledge which is still undisputed almost 30 years later:

Women who begin bearing children at a young age are less likely to get breast cancer than those who have children later, or those who have no children at all.

How much protection against breast cancer do they get? Based on their findings, the W.H.O. scientists confluded:

"It is estimated that women having their first child when aged under 18 years have only about one-third the breast cancer risk of those whose first birth is delayed until the age of 35 years of more."

Does this mean that a young woman who gets pregnant lowers her risk of getting breast cancer, even if she has an abortion? In relation to abortion the W.H.O. scientists said their results

"suggested increased risk associated with abortion--contrary to the reduction in risk associated with full-term births."

Research published in respected medical journals has since confirmed these findings and the hormonal base for the,:

Twenty-five out of 31 epidemiologic studies worldwide--studies on women of African, Asian and European anestry--have found that even one abortion increases the risk of getting breast cancer later in life.

Importantly, the increased risk from abortion is in addition to the increased risk from delaying a woman's first childbirth, so abortion increases breast cancer risk in two ways!

Do you wonder why, in less than half a century, while abortion became legal and common, the incidence of breast cancer in the industrialized world, has more than doubled?

Do you have questions about the real impact on the women of your country of importing "reproductive rights" from the industrialized world? Is your country's health care system prepared for an epidemic of breast cancer?