In creating this updated and online version of the Defending Reproductive Justice Activist Resource Kit, we must acknowledge the hard work of the many contributors to this project. We are grateful for the generous support of the Educational Foundation of America. A very big thanks to the staff at PRA, including those on the Research Team: Chip Berlet, Thom Cincotta, Kapya Kaoma, Abby Scher, and especially researcher Pam Chamberlain. We thank Alen Abdula, who masterminded the web pages. Zoe Crowley, Andrew Dykens, Jessica Hitch, Anna Mester, Aaron Rothbaum, and Maria Planansky, all interns at PRA, put many hours of work into the project, and without their help this project would not have been completed. Thanks also to former Executive Director Katherine Ragsdale and President Emerita Jean Hardisty for sensible, generous assistance, both conceptual and administrative.