In 2000, Political Research Associates published Defending Reproductive Rights, an activist resource kit on the anti-abortion movement, by collecting the Right’s own words to demystify the motives and worldviews of those who campaign against progressive causes. We knew that an analysis of anti-abortion arguments would help progressive activists plan more effective campaigns. But we did not know how popular such a collection would be.

Nine years and thousands of kits later we have moved to an all-electronic format making our publication more accessible. Here you will find both the old edition and four completely new sections which explore how conservative organizers have further polarized the abortion debate since 2000 using a few successful arguments repeatedly. In all cases, they deny a woman’s fundamental right to determine the course of her reproductive life based on their outdated, patronizing beliefs about her role in modern society. You will find sample documents from the Right that illustrate how they are currently making their claims. Like the 2000 kit, this edition also includes many pieces from progressive analysts, with an emphasis on defending the wide range of issues we have come to call Reproductive Justice.

The words of PRA Founder Jean V. Hardisty from our original kit continue to resonate today:

It is clear to us that the Right is singularly focused on women who seek to control their own bodies. Women who seek abortions, poor women who have children outside of marriage, Native American women living on reservations, Puerto Rican women living in rural areas, lesbians, women caught in the judicial system, all these women must be assured of a voice and the means to defend their rights and advance their interests.

We hope this Activist Resource Kit on Reproductive Rights is helpful to all those involved in the struggle to preserve and advance reproductive rights and freedom. The time for activism is now; the role of activism is nothing less than preserving women’s basic human rights.