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  • Edited by Palak Shah

    Almost two years in the making, the next publication in PRA's popular Activist Resource Kit series for activists will analyze the forces that grow and strengthen the current Criminal Justice System.

    Discussing both the role of the State and the Right, Defending Justice analyzes and critiques the origins, ideology, and tactics of the following movements and issues within the criminal "justice" system:
    • The Modern "Tough on Crime" Movement
    • Criminalizing the Reservation and Movements for Sovereignty
    • Faith and Religion
    • Women and Reproductive Rights
    • Victimsí Rights
    • War on Terrorism and Immigrants
    • Youth
    • Profits from Incarceration
    • Securing a Conservative Infrastructure

    This 275 page resource will include:
    • Overview and topical articles, factsheets, graphics and more!
    • Q&As with 10 community organizations
    • Organizing Advice
    • Directory of conservative criminal justice organizations

    Defending Justice is now available!

    For more information: p.chamberlain@publiceye.org

    Defending Justice is a publication of Political Research Associates. Political Research Associates is an independent, nonprofit research center that exposes and challenges the Right and larger oppressive movements, institutions, and forces. PRA produces accurate applied research and useful analytic tools to inform and support progressive activism that promotes equality and justice.

    Defending Justice
    is now on-line!

    Defending Justice companion web site
    Table of contents (PDF)

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