Online Resources on the Anti-Immigrant Movement


Pulling Up the Ladder: The Anti-Immigrant Backlash, by Doug Brugge

Immigrant Rights: Striving for Racial Justice, Economic Equality and Human Dignity, by Camellia Phillips for the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Corporate Desires vs. Anti-Immigrant Fervor: the Bush Administration's Dilemma, by Jean Hardisty

Nationalism, by Nikhil Aziz and Chip Berlet

Nativism, by Chip Berlet, Mitra Rastegar, and Pam Chamberlain

Eye on the Border: CBS Distorts Picture of Mexican Immigrants, by Melanie Lown

Right-Wing Politics and the Anti-Immigration Cause (excerpts), by Sara Diamond

"Blood on the Border" and resources on the anti-immigrant movement by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Intelligence Report, Spring 2001, Issue 101

"White Nationalism and Immigration Today," by Loretta J. Ross, Network News

Background Brief on Anti-Immigrant Speakers at the Sachem Quality of Life Conference by the Center for New Community

Background Brief on Anti-Immigrant Group Voice of Citizens Together / American Patrol by the Center for New Community

"Buchanan's Apocalypse Now: Western civilization and Christianity on eve of destruction, says Pat’s new book," by Bill Berkowitz, WorkingForChange, January 9, 2002

"Apocalypse Again: White Supremacist Numbers Game," by Martin A. Lee

Responding to Right Wing Frames on Immigration

Immigration and Cultural Diversity

Immigration as a Criminal Issue

Immigrants as a Threat to U.S. Workers

Immigration, Health and Welfare

Immigrants and the Environment

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Repercussions of September 11th

Repercussions of September 11, 2001

"Far-Right Recruiting Drive: A range of racist and anti-immigrant groups are trying to turn the Sept. 11 terror attacks into a marketing tool." by Yigal Schleifer, Mother Jones,  Nov. 26, 2001

"A War on Immigrants to Fight the War of Terrorism? Lessons from the Failed War on Drugs," by Nathan Newman, which advocates for non-military responses to terrorism, released a bulletin looking at how the attacks have been used to justify anti-immigrant policies.

The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights has compiled resources for post-September 11 organizing.

9/11 Repercussions, links to resources and analysis.  See especially Attacks on People Perceived to be Arab or Muslim and Erosion of Civil Liberties.

PRA's Fall 2001 issue of The Public Eye examined the roles of nationalism and nativism in the post-9/11 backlash that had severe repercussions for immigrants, people of color and political dissidents, among others.  To download the PDF version click here.  Modified versions of these articles also appeared in Defending Immigrant Rights.

Wooing the Environmental Movement

"The Greening of the Anti-Immigrant Agenda," by Cathi Tactaquin, Network News

"Dangerous Intersections and Exposing the ‘Greening of Hate’ or Anti-Immigrant Environmentalism" by Committee on Women, Population and the Environment

"The Greening of Hate Continues" by Syd Linsley, click here and download the PDF format of issue no. 8 of Political Environment

"Gendered Assaults: The Attack on Immigrant Women," by Syd Linsley, DifferenTakes, no. 6

On the Border

Border Watchers: Catching Anti-Immigrant Vigilantes on Film, reviews by Tarso Luís Ramos

Do It Yourself Border Cops, by Devin Burghart

Far From Fringe: Minutemen Mobilizes Whites Left Behind by Globalization, by Roberto Lovato

"Arizona Border: Immigration Tensions Bring Out the Worst and the Best in Human Nature" by Jose Palafox, borderlines UPDATER


"Proposition 187 Lessons," by Jan Adams, Z Magazine, March 1995

Anti-Bilingual Education/English Only

James Crawford's Language Policy Web Site & Emporium,
especially Anatomy of the English-Only Movement

Rethinking Schools issue on bilingual education

What's Eating Ron Unz  and Defending Public Education

Other Articles of Interest

Globalization and Migration

Network News the quarterly newsletter of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights has many good articles including, "Redefining Migration in the 21st Century" by Patrick Taran

"Mexico’s US Problem," by Bob Filner, The Nation

Justice for Immigrants

"A Fair and Just Amnesty," by Julie Quiroz-Martinez, The Nation

"Race Across Borders -- Immigrant Movements," ColorLines, Summer 2001 issue

In the Media

Resources from Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

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