Defending Immigrant Rights: An Activist Resource Kit

Have you been wondering . . .

  • how to counter the Right’s appeal?
  • how to deal with the resurgence of anti-immigrant organizing?
  • who is exploiting anti-immigrant sentiment?
  • how to find the information you need about this movement?

Defending Immigrant Rights, a 150 page Activist Resource Kit, will help you:

  • Understand the anti-immigrant movement
  • Organize against right-wing campaigns
  • Respond to anti-immigrant arguments
  • Identify important opponents and allies.

NEW - Download the Defending Immigrant Rights Activist Resource Kit:

Note: Files are in Adobe PDF format. Visit Adobe and download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.


  • Pulling Up the Ladder: The Anti-Immigrant Backlash
  • Immigrant Rights: Striving for Racial Justice, Economic Equality and Human Dignity
  • Corporate Desires vs. Anti-Immigrant Fervor: the Bush Administration's Dilemma
  • Nationalism
  • Nativism
  • Eye on the Border: CBS Distorts Picture of Mexican Immigrants
  • Anatomy of the English-Only Movement
  • Right-Wing Politics and the Anti-Immigration Cause
  • More Online Resources:

    Defending Immigrant Rights is part of a series of Activist Resource Kits produced by PRA. If you would like more information on our other kits and resources, please visit here or contact us at or 617/666-5300.

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