Supplement for New Internationalist Magazine

Interview: Holly Sklar

by Chip Berlet, September 2004


New Internationalist: You have given several interviews where you make a clear distinction between your work and the work of conspiracists. Why is this imporant to you as a progressive analyst?

Sklar: When I write about influential elite planning groups such as the Trilateral Commission, I don't portray them as omnipotent puppet masters manipulating politicians and policies in a vast conspiracy. Elite planning groups work to forge consensus among their own members on key issues and then work to put shared views into practice. These power players are more successful when they face less opposition from other elite national and international planning groups, and when progressive opponents are distracted, divided and ineffective.

When progressives grab onto conspiracy theories it undermines effective strategic analysis, planning and action. It plays into the hands of nonprogressive forces looking to sway more people with their absurd and malicious antisemitic conspiracy theories and underlying antisemitism. And it makes progressive change even more difficult to achieve.


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