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The think tank Political Research Associates is the premier source on the US Right and government repression. This website is one of the largest online archives of reports and analysis of the US Right available anywhere. Our library, including Rightwing serials, books and documents, as well as government files on political repression, is open to the public during office hours.

PRA staff researchers and our network of academic allies are available as speakers, trainers and for interviews. They specialize in:

  • the Christian Right, particularly attacks on lesbian and gay rights, and reproductive justice
  • the far Christian Right, which supports Biblical law over the Constitution
  • anti-immigrant movements
  • history of civil liberties abuses
  • conspiracy theories
  • white supremacist movements and militias
  • Rightwing front groups
For current analysis from PRA, consult our quarterly The Public Eye.


Founded 1981 in Chicago.
Originally named Midwest Research.
Moved to the Boston area in 1987.
Founder: Jean V. Hardisty, Ph.D.
Ms. Hardisty taught political science at several Illinois colleges before leaving academia to start PRA.



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