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PRA Library Intern Projects

These are the current tasks available to interns at the library and archive of Political Research Associates.

Right-Wing Serials--Online Finding Aid

Developing and expanding the online collection of publishing information about Right-Wing serials. In the course of writing an article for the Journal Library Trends, the author and editors discovered a lack of information about the availability of serials published by conservative and right-wing organizations, both currently published and defunct. []

Intern is responsible for reviewing the publications in the collection at PRA; placing them in a historic and political context; categorizing them by ideological preferences; and writing short summaries that accurately and fairly reflect the content of the publication.

Online Bibliography

Developing an online searchable bibliography and workable cross referencing system for books and reports published by various sectors of the U.S. Political Right. This is a unique collection arranged in sets based on how various right-wing social and political movements view the world. Intern is responsible for taking the data in an Access database and helping webmaster create and refine searchable online information using both browse-able html pages and complex searches based on MySQL/PHP code. The intern need not have any experience with web-based coding, although that would be a plus.

Audio/Video Collection

Developing a functioning archival system and finding aid for audiotapes, videotapes, and DVD’s in the PRA collection. Major areas include examples of Christian apocalypticism and millennialism; organized White supremacy; conspiracy theories; the Patriot and Armed Militia movements; Christian Right anti-gay outreach materials; and Anti-abortion outreach materials.

Intern is responsible for researching storage and retrieval alternatives; assisting the integration of the finding aid into the existing database; and transferring this information onto the PRA website.

FBI COINTEPRO document collection

A collection of web pages documenting FBI abuses during the period of the illegal COINTELPRO operations (1956-1974). This collection illustrates actual incidents targeting real people in specific cities. Each incident summary is backed up with selected images of actual COINTELPRO documents scanned using the PDF format. PRA is in possession of over 25.000 pages of FBI COINTELPRO documents sorted by city to assist researchers. The original FBI filing system was byzantine and arranged documents by major national investigative headings and then in chronological order, making research by city difficult.

Intern is responsible for reviewing hundreds of pages of FBI files from a specific city; locating incidents that lend themselves to a narrative summary; scanning the most relevant pages of COINTELPRO documents, and working with webmaster to add new sections to the web collection.

Audio testimony--National Citizens Review Commission on the FBI

Creating a finding aid and online collection of short audio files from the testimony presented at the National Citizens Review Commission on the FBI held in Washington, DC in 1979.

Materials distributed at this event are housed in the “Robert E. Robideau American Indian Movement Papers, 1975-1994” held by the University of New Mexico, University Libraries, Center for Southwest Research.

Political Research Associates is in possession of the original reel-to-reel audiotapes of the testimony presented by group representatives and experts at the conference. The groups were asked to review their FBI files released under the federal Freedom of Information Act and various lawsuits. Testimony was presented by the Black Panther Party, American Indian Movement, supporters of Karen Silkwood, Congress of African Peoples, United Slaves, residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation, Chicano activists, and antiwar and peace activists.

Intern is responsible for reviewing the audio testimony of individuals, selecting compelling and informative sections of testimony, writing a summary of the incident being discussed, and linking the summary online to an online audio file containing the selected segments.

Offsite Archival Storage System

Develop a system for cataloging and arranging offsite shipment of over 100 cartons of research files, older topical files, and alternative serials not on microfilm. The cataloging needs to be detailed enough to be used for locating the files, and ordering the delivery of the offsite cartons back to the library for scholars.








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