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"I do know there is subliminal mind control in virtually everything we see on television today. Texe Marrs, a fundamental Christian minister, from Austin, Texas, presented what a reader of his found in an old 'Batman" rerun, proving the mind manipulation through subliminal programming.

The flash image during the show was so fast it was barely a blip in the picture on the screen. This particular rerun had been video taped for later viewing. As the person was watching the show via VCR, he got up to do something and hit pause on his VCR. It froze on a subliminal message..."Keep Abortion Legal". If I remember these details correctly, the viewer took a camera photo of the screen, sent the picture, VHS tape, and explanation to Texe Marrs, who had the tape analyzed and isolated the subliminal frame. He then published his findings.

I did some further research into this subliminal programming and found that not only can these people insert the full image, but are also programming pixels with special subliminals. This is done at NBCS (National Broadcasting Corporate Systems) near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Every show being viewed by airwaves and satellite are subjected to a run through at NBCS to add the mind manipulating subliminals, in many different methods."

David Icke

NOTE: Icke's friend and resource Texe Marrs is a retired U.S. Air Force officer who is now an extreme fundamentalist preacher living in Texas. The "What We Stand For" section of his web site states: "We are intolerant of injustice, lies, false teachings, hatred, inhuman cruelty, abortion, and other forms of sin and depravity. We view the world through biblical lenses and always seek the mind of Christ. We do not shy from being branded "politically correct" or "religious extremist" when these terms apply to our stand for Jesus our Lord, for righteousness and for truth."

Texe Marrs, "What We Stand For", Power of Prophecy Ministries, <http://www.texemarrs.com/wwsf.htm>

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